Who We Are

Smart-Sure is the brain-child of a group of industry professionals with over 20 years of collective experience; created by a group of dynamic, free-thinking individuals with a vast array of relevant corporate background experience. Smart-Sure Ltd is an FCA Appointed Representative of Asurit Ltd. Asurit was established in 1993 and has an enormous wealth of knowledge and industry experience. As a principal firm, Asurit has arranged and serviced in excess of 200,000 personal line consumer insurance policies. Asurit's stakeholders co-own and oversee the conduct of Smart-Sure in-order to make sure it is putting customers’ interest before every corporate decision.

The aim of Smart-Sure is to provide insurance products and services based on mutual trust, passion and honesty. We work closely with selected underwriters in order to offer choice and protection for consumer interest. No matter what service we offer to our customers, our aim is to ensure we earn their trust and exceed their expectations. We know that we offer the best products, services and prices to our customers each and every time and we will continue to do so.

What Do We Do

Smart-Sure was created in October 2011 and offer a huge range of insurances for all your most important gadgets and household appliances. We are sure you are well aware that there has been a huge explosion in gizmos and gadgets during the 21st Century, and the cost to have these items repaired or replaced is simply another expense you could do without. This is the exact reason why Smart-Sure offer a fantastic range of insurances for your gadgets, phones and home appliances. You do need to make sure that you understand the level of cover and that it meets your demands and needs before purchasing any policies.

We know the unexpected happens and when you have a Smart-Sure policy, that problem is our problem and not yours.

Our Customers

We listen to our customers and constantly make the changes to the way we operate and serve in order to cater ​to consumer needs. Please visit our Testimonials page to see what our customers think about us.
We know exactly how important and valuable your gadgets are to you and we would like to save you money by protecting them from as little as £1.49 per month.

* A recent survey revealed that the average person in London has over £800 worth of gadgets in their home!