Excess Prot​​​​ection

All-in-one excess cover

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    Claim your excess back.
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    Choose the level of excess to be covered.
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    Popular life style excess protection. 
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    Protect up to £1000 excess 

Save money when you choose to protect your excess.

What is excess protection
and why do you need it?

​All in one excess protection works together with your normal insurance policy so that in the event of a successful insurance claim; all-in-one excess protection refunds insured excesses that you were required to pay.

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    ​Claim your excess back
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    ​Choose your cover level

All-in-one excess protection for all these popular policies.

motor car excess


You have an insurance policy that covers your private car, which is owned and registered to you.

home insurance excess


You have an insurance policy covering your home and/or any content inside.

health insurance excess


You have an insurance policy covering your health, including medical and surgical expenses.

 Enjoy Excess Protection!


All-in-one excess protection refunds the excess on all these popular policies with one SIMPLE excess protection plan.

How excess protection works.

Say a permanent goodbye to the dreaded excess fee.​​​​

Excess fees can put a dampener on the joyful feeling you get when a claim is successful. Take advantage today, from 6p per day you can claim back your excess fees.